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Tara & Janessa

We are two gals who want to farm in style. Because of the lack of good quality, hardy, and fun coveralls, utility pants, and shirts/hats - we have decided to create our own! Coming in 2022 or sooner! We also make soaps so you can get squeaky clean after a hard days work in your overalls.

Fresh Eggs
Janessa and Tara and baby goats.jpg


We are located in Conifer, CO on a 10 acre farm with 2 guardian dogs, 6 goats, and 11 chickens. 


Janessa was born in Colorado and has lived in Conifer with her goats, chickens, guardian dogs, and family for several years. One of her goals is to become a self-sustaining survivalist. Janessa is a government worker, real estate agent, and entrepreneur. We will be merging Janessa's with Soaps to be posted here soon.

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Tara with babies.jpg


Tara prides herself on her heritage. She is Indian and moved to Colorado from Lancaster, PA to attend law school the DU. Her origins are from Gujrat, India. She has been working on farms and barns for the last 13 years. She has experience with horses, goats, and chickens. Right now, Tara works from home with her three dogs, 2 parrots, and her snake. She lives on a farm with 6 goats, 11 chickens, and 2 guardian dogs.

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